What is Chordle?

Chordle is a song management app for Windows 10 (and Windows 8), designed from the ground up to have a clean, intuitive interface that works well with both tablets and traditional computers.

The bottom line is this: You can throw away your paper copies of your songs and get your set lists and songs presented like this:

Fine-tune the keys that you play in

Do you change singers a lot? Sometimes male leads, sometimes female leads? No problem, as you can see in the video above. Each time you put together a set list, you can customize the key that the song will be played in, and also pick a capo position to make the chords more friendly for guitarists.

You can even transpose songs as you're playing them if you need to.

Song libraries for church bands

So you're in a church band? That means you're used to dealing with songs with two titles - the "real" title of the song, and it's first line. So's Chordle. Songs are presented in your song library under both of these titles, and you can easily search for either.

Chordle song library showing alternative song titles

Adding songs to your library

There are lots of sources for songs online online so you can be sure that the song you want is easy to find. Once, you've found it, just copy and paste it into a new song in your song library:

There are even helpful tools for fixing up chord alignment and converting from ChordPro text formats.

Customizing Chordle

Chordle can easily be customized to meet your specific requirements:

Chordle set list creation screen

Sharing set lists

If you have more than one musician in your band who owns Chordle, you can easily export songs or set lists and share it with them by email, OneDrive or any other way you can imagine of getting a file to them.

What about band members without access to Chordle? That's easy too - you can export songs and set lists to a Microsoft Word document that they can then print off and use.

Try it out!

You can try Chordle out for free by downloading it from the Windows Store - if you like what you see you can unlock all the features by making an in-app purchase.

We hope you enjoy using Chordle as much as we do!