Release Notes

12 August 2023 (

  • Added Guitalele chord diagrams
  • Added settings for printing colors

3 February 2023 (

22 November 2022 (

Chordle now requires a minimum of Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1, build 10.0.18362, released May 2019)

  • Improved calendar picker for set list session date
  • Deleting songs or set lists can now be done from their libraries with a swipe left action
  • Introduced new settings to control how multiple Word or ChordPro are exported. You can now export a zip file containing multiple songs, rather than in a single document
  • Added the ability to start a new set list by copying a previous one
  • Right clicking or long pressing on your song or set list library will now enter and exit selection mode
  • A song’s web link will no longer overlap the song commands button when in full screen mode
  • Fixed an issue where syncing would periodically report an error

24 October 2022 (

  • New: Keyboard shortcut added for opening web links
  • New: Added an option to print chord diagrams with songs
  • Fixed: For chord diagrams, the last saved preferred tuning for a song will always be shown when displaying a song
  • Fixed: Importing songs from ChordPro files retains section directives correctly now

23 May 2022

  • New: You can now tag your songs in bulk through the song library
  • Updated: Added tooltips for a number of controls throughout the app
  • Updated: Increased font weight of library tabs for legibility
  • Fixed: Web links now work while shown in a set list

18 May 2022

  • Fixed: Web links should now be readable regardless of the theme you have configured

9 May 2022

  • New: You can now add a web link to a song - this is accessible in the song footer while it’s being played
  • Fixed: Some people were experiencing problems while signing into OneDrive - this should now be resolved

24 August 2021

  • Fixed: Songs were printed in incorrect keys when both the preferred key and capo differed from the original used in the song text.

6 August 2021

  • Fixed: Importing from Word documents could sometimes produce songs that did not lay out correctly

27 October 2020

  • Improved detection of the key for new songs - the first chord in a song has increased weighting.

24 October 2020

  • Emojis are now fully supported in song text

21 September 2020

  • “Turnaround” is now recognized as an alternative for an instrumental section heading and “Tag” for ending sections.
  • Latin characters were not being correctly read from some web searches - this is now fixed.

17 August 2020

  • Fixed: Syncing songs that have double quotes in their title now works

15 February 2020

  • Bug fixes to resolve crashes when saving preferred song settings and launching the app

12 February 2020

  • Added option to scroll song text for a timed amount, e.g. the duration of a song
  • Fixed: The song preview is now transposed correctly when editing a song that capoed in both the original and preferred keys

21 January 2020

  • Added chord diagrams for the keyboard
  • Added search for set list titles
  • Improved performance of the song index - saving songs will be quicker now
  • Fixed: Using Ctrl-S to save a song without first moving focus away from a metadata field would cause the metadata to not be saved

27 November 2019

  • Scrolling songs should now be much smoother.
  • Added setting to require a double-tap when pressing the next/previous song buttons. This may be useful if you use touch to scroll a song and occasionally accidentally switch between songs.

12 January 2019

  • OneDrive syncing has been fixed. If you were previously syncing you will need to sign in again for syncing to restart.
  • Added a text tool to convert the song text being edited to your preferred key.
  • ChordPro directives {sot} and {eot} can now be used to mark up tab sections when songs are formatted with chords above text.

20 December 2018

  • Added keyboard/pedal shortcut for toggling full screen mode
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for common actions. Hovering the mouse over a button will show you the keyboard shortcut.

14 September 2018

  • Chordle now supports songs being stored in ChordPro format
  • ChordPro comments ({c}, {ci} and {cb}) are now understood and displayed
  • ChordPro tablature sections ({sot}) are also recognized and displayed in a monospace font

5 September 2018

  • Added support for notes/comments in songs - start any line with a # and it will be shown differently to other song lines
  • Added support for importing {artist}, {composer}, {tempo} and {key} ChordPro directives
  • Fixed an application crash when editing songs on earlier versions of Windows 10

22 August 2018

  • Added a visual metronome and the ability to set the tempo of a song
  • Performance improvements loading songs and set lists that will be especially noticeable for people with large libraries
  • Fixed a bug in the German chord parser that prevented chords such as F#/B being recognized
  • Section headers such as “Chorus 1a” are now recognized

27 June 2018

  • You can now export a CSV song library index from the song library
  • Added support for {start_of_part} and {end_of_part} ChordPro directives
  • Added support for the ChordPro {capo} directive
  • Added an option to control whether the {subtitle} ChordPro directive is imported into the Artist, Copyright or Alternative Title fields
  • Added a print option to add additional space for hole punches
  • Fixed a rare sync error when certain characters are used in a song title
  • The correct chords are now shown in the preview window for the web search when a capo is specified

11 April 2018

  • Added printing support from the song library or current set list. You can also use this to export to PDF.

10 February 2018

  • Fixed an issue with web searching

2 February 2018

  • Updated fret indicator for chord charts
  • Added the ability to export the currently displayed song as a Word document
  • Added an option to only export songs to Word in their original key
  • Fixed exporting of duplicate songs from the song library when the same song is selected as both its primary and alternative title

27 December 2017

  • Added support for chord variations with trailing muted strings
  • Added the ability to save preferred chord charts for a song
  • Fixed: Importing ChordPro songs now correctly aligns chords again
  • Fixed: Exporting in ChordPro format doesn’t add a chorus marker as well as “Chorus” heading

19 December 2017

  • Group your song library by song title, artist or tags
  • Additional filters for searching in your song library:
    • Artist
    • Uncapoed key
    • Capoed key
    • Capo position
  • New options for Word exporting available in settings:
    • Arrange chords using tabs or spaces
    • Inclusion of song copyright information
    • Inclusion of section headings
  • The settings page has bee updated so that different sections are more discoverable
  • The maximum text size has been increased to allow for cases where you need to make use of as much screen space as possible

6 November 2017

  • You can now search by artist name in your song library
  • Latin chords that are not entirely in capital letters (e.g. Sol) are now recognized
  • Filtering by multiple tags now works more intuitively by including songs that match any one of them, rather than all of them

31 July 2017

  • Added support for additional notations, Latin and German. You can choose the notation you want songs presented in and Chordle will automatically convert the chords in your songs for you. Additionally you can add songs in one of these notations - they will also be presented in your preferred notation format.
  • Added a setting for selecting between A4 and Letter page sizes when exporting to Word.
  • When editing a song, the song preview will now retain its current scroll position.

4 July 2017

  • Fix: Minor 9th chords are correctly recognized again
  • Fix: Web search songs were not correctly being loaded

4 June 2017

  • New: When adjusting the scrolling speed for a song, you can now save it as the default speed for the next time the song is played
  • New: Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing scroll speed. You can assign these to foot switch pedals if you want to.
  • New: Word exporting has new options available in settings - two column layout and set list cover pages
  • Fixed: Chords Amaug and Amadd chords were not being recognized
  • New: Support for 6/9 chord formatting, e.g. Amaj6/9
  • New: Support for modifier bracketing and flat/sharp chord modifiers, e.g. C7#5(b9)

2 May 2017

  • Fixed an issue that was causing failures with some web searches

23 March 2017

  • Exporting and sharing in ChordPro format is now supported

4 March 2017

  • When adding a new song, Chordle will attempt to infer the correct key from the chords present in it
  • Fix: Attempting to edit a deleted song would crash the app
  • Fix: Searching for multiple words now works again

13 February 2017

  • Added new web search for
  • Fix: In rare circumstances the app would crash on launch
  • Fix: Library searching would stop working if certain symbols were included in search criteria

21 January 2017

  • Added settings to configure hotkeys for switching and scrolling songs, improving support for foot switches
  • Updated settings layout

4 January 2017

  • Ukulele chords diagrams are now more consistent with standard forms

27 December 2016

  • Fixed an issue where creating a song from an online search wouldn’t always work
  • Added the option to choose the preferred text size for songs
  • Added auto-scrolling when songs are laid out vertically

25 October 2016

  • Added chord charts, including the showing chord variations
  • Show chords for guitar and various ukulele tunings

7 October 2016

  • Improved reliability of web searching
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the open set list is deleted by a sync process

30 September 2016

  • New online search feature - browse supported sites to quickly add songs to your library
  • Song sections titled “Interlude” are now recognized as an Instrumental sections
  • Improved fix up logic when converting from mono-spaced text

30 August 2016

This is the first version for Windows 10, completely redesigned and rewritten.

  • New features not found in the Windows 8 version:
  • New option to choose between transposed chords keeping true to the current key’s scale or consistent regardless of key.
  • Finding and viewing a song from your library while a set list is open will temporarily show the song - just move to the next or previous song to find your place in the set list again.
  • Support for vertically scrolling songs.
  • Additional song section types available for you to format and use: Intro, Ending, Instrumental and Pre-chorus
  • Option to show or hide song section titles
  • When syncing with OneDrive you now get a better idea as to what’s happening and how much more is left to do.

12 August 2015

  • Fixed: A couple of OneDrive syncing problems, including repeated syncing of set lists that were already up to date.

23 June 2015

  • New: Allowed for preferred key and capo to be stored against a song. These are automatically used the next time you play a song, add it to a set list or export it to Word.
  • New: Added import from Word documents. (Only one song per document)
  • New: Added a button to reset the current search criteria in the song library page.
  • Fixed: OneDrive syncing issues on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: OneDrive syncing wouldn’t work in some rare cases.
  • Fixed: Keyboard controls would occasionally stop working when playing a set list.
  • Fixed: Tag list wouldn’t always show the complete list of tags for a song.

23 February 2015

  • Fixed some of the more common issues encountered when syncing with OneDrive.
  • Session date is now shown along with set list titles on the homepage and set list library

20 January 2015

  • OneDrive syncing added! More info
  • Added a new setting called “Lyrics mode” that hides chords - useful for vocalists.
  • Fixed a bug where set lists weren’t saved when navigating away very quickly after making changes.

23 October 2014

  • Added a warning when navigating away without saving song changes
  • Better drag and drop when building set lists, especially when adding songs to the end of a set list

20 September 2014

  • ChordPro: Better handling of badly written files.
  • ChordPro: Converting a ChordPro file will now try to infer capo position from comments in the text.
  • The current scroll position in your song library is maintained if you play a song and come back to it, along with any search criteria that was being used to filter the songs.
  • Added a new feature that allows you to display simple bass note transitions without the full chord being written out each time, e.g. G /B /F# rather than G  G/B  G/F#. Chords can now also be written out in this format when editing songs.
  • Colors setting changes are now applied immediately - no more needing to restart the app.

23 August 2014

  • Quickly edit the currently displayed song
  • Transposition changes made while playing a set list are now saved
  • Import songs from ChordPro files (.chopro, .chordpro, .txt, .cho, .pro, .crd)
  • Better avoidance of chord overlap when transposing

10 August 2014

  • Convert text from ChordPro format
  • Preview a song as you’re editing it
  • Export songs from your song library in Microsoft Word format
  • Share songs and set lists directly from Chordle
  • Bug fix: Copying and pasting from a song as you’re editing it should work fine now
  • Bug fix: Importing songs didn’t correctly import tags associated to the songs

21 July 2014

  • You can now customize the colors that songs are displayed in
  • There’s a new text wizard that you can use when you’re editing your songs to align the chords for songs that were copied from websites.
  • File names are defaulted to the name of the set list/song that’s being exported

27 June 2014

  • Initial release