Frequently Asked Questions


Can I import a song from a PDF?

Not directly. PDFs are a special kind of file and don’t translate well into “raw unformatted text” that Chordle can import. The best thing to try is to highlight the text in a PDF viewer, copy it, and paste it into a new song in Chordle. If the text ends up mangled, then the PDF has been produced in such a way as to deliberately prevent converting it into another format.

Song keys

When I change the capo position for a song, the song keys are not changing

Chordle can be configured to display songs with or without capo transposition. Make sure your settings are set to display capoed chords.


How are licenses managed?

Chordle is distributed via the Windows Store and licenses are stored by Microsoft as part of that.

Can I install Chordle on multiple devices?

Yes, subject to the 10 device limit enforced by the Windows Store. As long as you sign into the Windows Store on all your devices with the same account you used to make the initial purchase, then the license will automatically be applied.

Can I try out syncing/creating set lists/adding more songs/exporting to Word without paying for Chordle?

No, sorry, these are features that you need to unlock with the in-app purchase.

I want to try running Windows applications via Wine on Linux, can I get a license for Chordle to run there?

No, Chordle licenses are managed by the Microsoft Store and are not available any other way.

Using other platforms

Chordle is great, but can I also use it on Android/iOS?

Chordle is currently only available from the Windows Store, so no, not at the moment.

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