Chord Diagrams

Chordle will automatically generate chord diagrams for all the chords it finds in a song. To show them, press the show chords button at the bottom of the screen:

Screenshot of the show chords button

Instrument selection

You can select from a number of instruments for which to show the chord diagrams:

  • Guitar standard tuning
  • Guitar drop-D tuning
  • Ukulele C-tuning (standard)
  • Ukulele G-tuning (baritone)
  • Ukulele slack-key tuning
  • Ukulele D-tuning (English)
  • Mandolin
  • Keyboard

Chord fingering variations

Each chord can be pressed to reveal a selection of other fingering variations, as well as the notes that make up the chord. Any of these variations can be selected as the chord to show for the song you currently have open:

Screenshot of the show chords button

You can use the save preferred song settings button to save any changes you make to your preferred chords.

Note that when Keyboard is the selected instrument no variations will be shown, but the notes that make up the chord still will.