Create a new song

Go to your song library

Chordle home screen - click on the song library button

Press the 'New song' button.

Chordle song library - click on the new song button

On the New Song screen, enter the basic details for the song. The only thing that you must provide is the song title. If possible, make sure that the key and capo position match the chords of the song - this isn't totally necessary, but will allow Chordle to accurately reflect the true key of your song if it gets transposed later on.

Chordle song edit - enter the basic song details

Enter the text and chords for the song, spacing the chords out so that they appear in the right place above the line they belong to. You can often find the chords for songs on other sites, such as Ultimate Guitar.

Chordle song edit - enter the song and its chords

Optionally you can also add tags to your song. These are helpful for when you're searching for songs later on. By tagging songs with helpful keywords, e.g. the tempo of the song, 'slow'/'upbeat' or its theme, 'grace'/'family', you can find songs more quickly if you need something to fit a specific mood.

Chordle song edit - optionally add some tags

Finally, press the save button.

Chordle song edit - click the save song button